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Promotion of Carbon Neutrality at the Conference

Thanks to the voluntary greenhouse gas emissions offset program of Université Laval, we are proud to announce that our conference is firmly committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the event, demonstrating our commitment to combating climate change and preserving our planet. 

Here are some measures we have taken to achieve this goal:

Carbon-neutral Venue: The Québec City Convention Centre, where our event takes place, is a carbon-neutral establishment. This means that it fully offsets its scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, thus reducing its environmental impact.

Travel Offset: We are utilizing the program established by Université Laval to offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with the travel by car or plane of all conference participants. By collaborating with Université Laval's voluntary offset program, we are contributing to climate mobilization while directly addressing our carbon footprint.

Absence of Promotional Materials: Aware of the environmental impact of ephemeral promotional items, we have chosen not to distribute them. This decision significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their production and distribution.

Reusable Tableware: The Québec City Convention Centre uses reusable tableware for serving meals and beverages, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated by the event.

Food Waste Reduction: By precisely confirming the number of participants and offering at least one buffet-style menus, we minimize food waste, contributing to more responsible resource management through the Sustainable food services of the Québec City Convention Centre.

Together, these measures demonstrate our commitment to organizing an environmentally friendly conference and working towards a more sustainable future.